Welcome to Land Portal Receiver’s documentation!

This component is implemented as a web service that receives a remote request sent from landportal importers. The request is formed by a XML file, a dataset file and an API key. The internal architecture is implemented as a parser that extracts all the XML content and tree services (SQL, CKAN, RDF) that process that content and commit a transaction that involves an update in the three different databases.

Request example:

import requests
import codecs

# The landportal domain /receiver
url = '<http://landportal_uri/receiver>'

# The original dataset file from the source
dataset_file = open('<dataset_file>', 'rb')

# The generated XML file conforming to the schema described at Importers Doc
xml_file = codecs.open('<xml_file>', 'r', encoding="utf-8")

# The actual request including the api key obtained from CKAN registration
r = requests.post(url=url, data={'xml': xml_file.read(), 'api_key': '<your ckan_api key>'}, files={'file': dataset_file})


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